Thursday, February 15, 2024

Manhattan Fire LP

Manhattan Fire is a recording of songs by Nick and Mark from December 2020 during some pretty scary times for the planet.  There are guitars, bass, piano, synth, drum machines, waves, birds, fires, poems and SM-57 vocals on this record.  A lot of different sounds.  A few of these tracks appeared on 2023's New York City.  In fact, this record was somewhat of an accidental blueprint for that release.  If there never was a full pandemic recovery, this would have been a new band.  Thankfully, the end times didn't happen and the full band rolls on.  Somewhere in the apprehension of death and recovery this collection was made.  This is actually a pretty fun collection of songs despite the circumstances and the tone of this blurb!  Get ready to fall, this was recorded in deep Mono by Paul Blackwell.

 The LP will come out in participating Record Store Day UK stores on April 20th, and in US stores, April 26th.  Thanks to Fuzz for putting this out.  We'll see you in Europe in a few months! 


01 Anyway I Find You 
02 Eternal Recurrence 
03 Eye 
04 God Bless The USA 
05 Hard Livin' 
06 Peace Of Mind 
07 I See The Light 
08 Long Black Rider 
09 Manhattan Fire 
10 River Flows 
11 Roll Me Up 
12 Round The Corner 
13 Thunderhead