Saturday, February 21, 2015

Hell on Earth

hello everybody...

greetings from The Men Corporate Headquarters. Just made a massive update to the store, so start saving your pennies and participate in capitalism at its finest. We've got a ton of left over stuff from the Dream Police tour - tapes, LPS, Shirts, some copies of Tomorrow's Hits on LP, and other goodies.

Some music news:
 - our good friends and collaborators started a new band called Junk Boys. Peep their bandcamp here. Features ex-members of Organs, Russ from Dream Police, and recorded by the MAN Jonathan Schenke.
- i've been working on some songs with Holly Overton, who last graced us with her presence on 'Sandy' off the DP LP... we posted a track online - check it here.
- I think Mercury Living is in the process of recording - that features Nick from the Men and un-official 6th Man, Kyle Keays Hagerman. Brutal noise. Stay tuned for that.
- Kevin just bought a new drum machine.
- Rich is making tape loops out of banging sheets of metal together or something...

Was anybody at this show?

See ya soon,