Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Fall Outings

Hey everybody, here's what The Men are up to these days:

Kevin Faulkner (Lil' Kev), our bass player, plays lap steel in a great band called JUNIPER RISING. Their debut LP, "DAY OF DAYS" is out soon, and they are going on tour TOMORROW to support this thing. It's a great record and they are a really great band, so go check em out! Their NYC record release show is October 3rd at Union Pool, and they'll be a couple surprise appearances by other members of The Men there and some great bands, so come check it out!

If you've ever bought a Men t-shirt or a Men album for that matter, that stuff has all been designed and printed by Freaky Rich Samis, our drummer, and he's been killing it lately over at Flying Saucer Press. Check it out.

Lastly, Nick and I got a record coming out under the name Dream Police. It's coming out November 11 on Sacred Bones Records, and we're gonna be doing some touring around it. So check out our blog for more information, tour dates, and to hear some tunes.

That's it for now.... as Henry Rollins used to say, "more later"