Monday, June 28, 2010

Summer Garbage.

Tour update,

We will have a repress of the "Immaculada" LP that is limited to 200, a tour cassingle of two instrumental tracks that didn't make it on to "Immaculada" that is limited to 125, and some other goodies. Here are the dates...

July 10 – Greenville, NC @ The Spazz Haus w/ Grids
July 11 – Charlotte, NC @ The Yau House
July 12 – Atlanta, GA @ the PS Warehouse w/ Ralph, Predator, Womens Prisons
July 13 – Tampa, FL w/ Neon Blud, Ghost Hospital @ Heinrich’s Workshop
July 14 – Gainesville, FL w/ Diet Cokeheads, St. Dad @ Wayward Council
July 15 – ????????????
July 16 – Washington, DC @ the Treeswing House w/ Cigarette, Pizza, Gun Outfit
July 17 – Brooklyn, NY @ 538 Johnson w/ Gun Outfit, Cairo Pythian
July 18 – Philadelphia, PA @ The Brothel w/ The Chickens, Black Tar
July 19 - Brooklyn , NY @ Bruar Falls w/ Divorce Money, White Suns, Pigeon Religion, Hell Kite


  1. anyway i can mail order an lp or is it gonna be sold at shows only. im in chicago

  2. When we get back from tour, we will put all leftover merch in our webstore. In the meantime I believe Parts Unknown's webstore has copies.

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  4. yo, i fucking love you guys. my name is elias and i was told about you through someone i know on the internet named sarah, a very talented musician you guys might know. anyway, she first gave me an untagged version of your first lp and i fell in love. especially with what i knew of then as 'track 3' and track '7' (now i know are grave descriptions and oh yoko). i think you guys are mega killer and you put on a good live show. ill see for myself in philly on the 18th! im bringin my friends, we love to dance