Sunday, November 1, 2009


This might not even be needed considering this band is way below mediocre and won't even make much of a difference because they are shit. BUT, tonight a bunch of dear friends of ours performed a Ramones cover set in the spirit of rad punk and halloween only to be fucked over by these bunch of dicks...Not only did our friends lend these dudes amps, but were super supportive and nice to these guys. Later on in the evening our friend Russell noticed that his custom telecaster and fender jazz bass were missing. We assumed that someone might have taken them by accident. I called the singer Victor of The Guest Towels to ask about the situation and he got really defensive and kind of scared. We were obviously weird-ed out. They show up back at the show not only with a trunk full of their own equipment (so obviously they had their own shit so nothing could have been mixed up) but they also had Russell's TWO guitars along with them.

These dudes didn't even try for the most part to deny their wrong doings and mostly felt embarrassed and scared because there was a show full of people backing Russell (who by the way is one of the nicest and most respectable dudes in the music scene right now). All in all these kids are horrible, equipment stealing scumbags and no one in the Brooklyn/NYC/Long Island music scene or ANYWHERE for that matter should book this band.

Don't let scumbags ruin a good thing. Punk/Hardcore has always been about a mutual trust between people, especially with sharing gear, I know that I personally never have a problem lending out shit when a band is in need, but this just makes shit more complicated and lame.

Fuck this band, and do NOT book them. here is their myspace link - This was their old name but they have since changed it to The Guest Towels. Please be aware that these dudes are only out for themselves and will fuck you over in a heartbeat because we experienced this first hand tonight.

It pains me to say this because their drummer Billy is a terrific kid (and a fantastic drummer) and has nothing to do with this mess but some shit can not go unsaid. Victor and the other red-headed fuck in this band on the other hand can go fuck themselves.

I hope you fucking rot.

- Chris