Tuesday, September 8, 2009

for the phillies...

THE MEN from brooklyn, crazy post-rock punk mayhem. like what that band panthers should have evolved into meets more rocking Can stuff
http://wearethemen.blogspot.com [wearethemen.blogspot.com] » [wearethemen.blogspot.com] »

DISTRESS SIGNAL also crazy, intense hardcore heralding the return of great american steak religion/rorschach, but after they've listened to a couple spacemen 3 albums
http://myspace.com/distresssignal666 [myspace.com] » [myspace.com] »

WOMEN philly slut-punk, like the Buzzcocks on Gern Blandsten in '94, i think. definitely also crazy. Do they have a myspace page? i don't know, but their 7" certainly does rock.

PYRAMIDS totally Portraits of Past meets End of the Line ebullitiony hardcore jams! Their myspace page encourages us to "drop knowledge not bombs", so do it! http://myspace.com/pyramidspa [myspace.com] » [myspace.com] »

EXTRA TONGUE currently the best band in philly, like if Elvis, the Beatles and Nico played in a pigfuck band. Sike, i just wanted to say "pigfuck". Think Swiz meets Behead the Prophet No Lord Shall Live. No music up yet, but...
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unnamed house
5008 Beaumont Avenue (three blocks south of baltimore)
sept 19 at 6pm