Thursday, January 28, 2010


He traveled along the path of self denial through pain, through voluntary suffering, and conquering of pain, through hunger, thirst and fatigue. He travelled the way of self-denial through meditation, through the emptying of the mind of all images. Along these and other paths did he learn to travel. He lost his Self a thousand times and for days on end he dwelt in non-being. But although the paths took him away from Self, in the end they always led back to it. Although he fled from Self a thousand times, dwelt in nothing, dwelt in animal and stone, the return was inevitable; the hour was inevitable when he would again find himself, in sunshine or in moonlight, in shadow or rain and was again Self and he again felt the torment of the onerous life cycle.

Friday, January 22, 2010

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Sunday, January 10, 2010

some pieces

First off, thanks to all who came out to our shows within the last 2 weeks, we had a blast playing.

Some news is that though we recorded an LP and more's worth of material in October (LP will be out in March, leftover songs will be put on a cassette, also to be out in March) we are going to be recording 5 or so more brand new songs in early February. We've been writing up a storm and were really happy with how these jams are coming out.

Some other good news is that our friend Nick from the talented band Seasick is turning 25 on March 12 and to celebrate his quarter of a century of life he is throwing a smashing birthday show with the likes of PISSED JEANS, RIVAL MOB, SOCIAL CIRKLE, RATIONAL ANIMALS, SEASICK and yours truly. We are super excited to play this show and it should be a fucking blast. Mark your calendars.

We have a show coming up this Saturday the 16th of January at good ol' Tommy's Tavern in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. We are playing with some great bands and there will be 2 dollar beers so come on down. GENERAL INTEREST from Boston will be playing and they create the perfect mix of the Minutemen and Big Boys worship and it rules.

More soon...
- Chris