Monday, April 27, 2009


A few things...

In the first week of May our recordings will be mastered for LP format, as soon as that is done we will send it off to the pressing plant and hopefully will have them in a month after that or so.

I have now made a little section to your right where you can see all of the upcoming shows we have. Newest addition being May 30th in Philly with VILE GASH, SALVATION and others. We are way excited to head out to Philly to play with such awesome bands.

While I'm on the topic do yourselves a favor and order yourself a copy of the new SALVATION LP before they sell out, a fucking terrific record.

Order it here

Also, please give our friends in GAZA STRIPTEASE a listen if you are into spacey stuff like MBV, Slowdive, etc...

Check them out here

Friday, April 24, 2009

Why the fuck not...

Here is the new LP we are putting out soon

1. Hated
2. Ailment
3. The Man
4. Sketchy Pussy

Preview this joint and enjoy!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Another show added!

The Men, Highway Gimps, Eleanor
May 9th @ The Shea Stadium
85A Debevoise Ave, Brooklyn, New York 11222

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Are you italian?

Hello friends, this is where you can keep track of The Men's doings if you are ever so interested.

Here are some upcoming shows...

La Otracina, Spaniards, Whooping Crane, The Men
May 1st @ Don Pedros (Manhattan Ave between Boreum and McKibben) Brooklyn, NY

Black On Brown, Aveda Vera, Highway Gimps, 7 Ton Hand, The Men
May 16th @ Tommy's Tavern (Manhattan Ave. in Greenpoint) Brooklyn, NY

7 Ton Hand, Autumn People, The Men + TBA
June 14th @ Don Pedro's (Manhattan Ave between Boreum and McKibben) Brooklyn, NY

We just recorded 4 brand new tracks with the fabulous Will @ Dead Air Studios in Amherst, MA. It sounds great and we are excited to be releasing it on an LP in the not so distant future. If you are looking for affordable and amazing quality recordings please give Will a shout

The following link is a couple of songs from a self released tape that is no longer in print. Soon enough a new song from the new record will be posted but for now hang out with these jams.

The Men - MK b/w Little Nicky

- Christopher